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Our Funds

The Building/Land and Scholarship Funds connected to the Education for Social Renewal Foundation can act to receive and distribute tax deductible donations to Rudolf Steiner pre-schools, schools and tertiary institutions throughout Australia, or to students who are attending these institutions. This saves educational institutions from having to establish their own funds. 

School and College Building/Land Fund


The general guidelines for this fund are:


●  institutions which can receive this gift money include preschools, kindergartens, schools and tertiary colleges so long as the institution involves regular and systematic instruction and this is its primary function or essential purpose

●  the money is to be used for the acquisition, construction or maintenance of a school/college building or buildings

●  acquisition of land for the construction of school/college buildings is permitted.

●  the building or buildings must be used or objectively intended to be used as a school by a qualifying body, being government, a public authority, or a society or association which is carried out on a not-for-profit basis.

●  it can include incidental costs of acquisition or construction, including the costs relating to planning, negotiating, financing and obtaining approval for the acquisition or construction.

●  it can include financing costs such as interest payments in relation to the construction of a building.

●  it can include fitouts such as carpets and partitions.

●  it can only include furniture if these are fixtures.

●  in respect of maintenance relating solely to the building, it can include the cost of repairs, painting, plumbing and cleaning; the costs to purchase equipment used exclusively to maintain the building; and the cost of insurance.

●  it does not include costs associated with the running of a school/college such as teachers' salaries and purchase of furniture and equipment (unless the equipment is used for maintenance of school/college buildings).


Scholarship Fund

This fund supports scholarships which must:


●  be awarded only to Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

●  be open to individuals or groups of individuals throughout at least a state, a territory or a region of at least 200,000 people.

●  promote the recipients' education in approved Australian Rudolf Steiner schools or associated colleges.

●  be awarded for reasons of equity.

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Sydney. Baxter & Jacobson, architects. 

“We shall be working in a basically realistic way if we begin aiming towards the threefold social order. We must let the rest of the world go its own way, since they deliberately choose not [to follow the threefold order]. We shall work towards the threefold social order...”

Stuttgart Waldorf School Faculty Meeting with Rudolf Steiner, February 5th, 1924. 

Autumn nature table at a Steiner school in Australia.



Steiner Education Centenary Revival

A booklet of specially selected excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's thoughts on education and the threefold social order. All proceeds are donations to the Education for Social Renewal Foundation. Click here to make an order. 

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