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To Donate

Your generous donation - large or small - will provide vital support for young people to attend Rudolf Steiner schools and colleges and for the physical development of these institutions. All gifts are tax deductible. 
● You can make a non-specific donation which will be directed by the trustees towards the building or scholarship requirements of preschools, kindergartens, schools or tertiary initiatives anywhere in Australia or towards the establishment of new educational institutions in the light of Steiner's social vision. 

● Alternatively, you can make a specific donation indicating your preference as to where the money will be directed. This can be to a preschool, kindergarten, school or tertiary initiative with which you have a connection and wish to support (Building/Land Fund) or to a particular student or group of students in order to help them attend one of these institutions (Scholarship Fund). With a specific donation the whole amount will be passed on to the recipient. 

Click here for statements by Steiner and others in relation to education and gifting.  



Bequest are gifts made within your will; there are a number of ways in which this can be done. It can involve an amount of money, a part of your estate or a gift of assets such as art works, real estate or shares. The Education for Social Renewal Foundation is a 'deductible gift recipient' which confers tax advantages such as capital gains tax exemption if the gift is made during the donor's lifetime. Receipts will be issued within fourteen days for all donations made. Bequests, like all other donations, can be non-specific or specific.   

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