Our central aim is to provide support for Steiner educational institutions in Australia who are wishing to work with the threefold social impulse. A way we are doing this is by emailing out a newsletter periodically to interested people and organisations who wish to participate in the network.


This newsletter will contain discussions about the joys and challenges of working with the threefold social impulse in educational settings; here we can learn from the experience of Steiner schools who have been through times of crisis brought about by growth and change. There will also be some relevant texts by Rudolf Steiner and others. The newsletter will hopefully become a living forum and way of linking people with a common aspiration.

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                                                              Number 1, 2016.

Number 2, 2017.

Number 3, May 2018. 

Number 4, November, 2018.

Number 5, April, 2019

Number 6, September, 2019


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