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Specific Donations

These gifts are intended for a particular student or group of students (Scholarship Fund) or for a specific Rudolf Steiner preschool, kindergarten, school or tertiary institution, anywhere in Australia (Building/Land Fund). Donors should establish whether the needs of the initiative or institution relate primarily to building/land or scholarships.  


Please note that the institution needs to have a connection to the aims of this Foundation; click here to see the requirements.


The intention of the trustees will be to fulfil the aims of the donors; however, we are obliged to indicate that, legally, money donated to our public ancillary fund can be directed at the complete discretion of the trustees. 

The whole amount of the donation will be passed on to the recipient. Receipts for donations will be issued within fourteen days. 

If you wish to make a donation of property or chattels, please contact us.

Specific monetary donations can be made in two ways. Please send an email notifying us of your gift so that a receipt and message of thanks can be sent. In this email please indicate the name and contact information of the institution you have in mind. The institution will need to contact us in order to obtain an application form. 






Direct Deposit Details

Bank: Bank Australia

Account Name: Education for Social Renewal Foundation
BSB Number: 313 140
Account Number: 12114658
*Reference your payment with:
Surname, Initial "specific"
e.g. Smith T SPECIFIC

Regular transfers can easily be set up using online banking. 




Please send your gift to:

Education for Social Renewal Foundation

Post Office Box 521,

Balmain NSW 2041, AUSTRALIA



Steiner Education Centenary Revival

A booklet of specially selected excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's thoughts on education and the threefold social order. All proceeds are donations to the Education for Social Renewal Foundation. Click here to make an order. 

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