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This booklet has been produced by Archeus Social Ltd. for the centenary year of the foundation of the first Steiner/Waldorf school. It is a 63 page full-colour A5 booklet with artworks by Australian artists included. All proceeds are donations to the Education for Social Renewal Foundation

Each booklet is $10 plus $2 postage for a single booklet, $5 postage for 5 booklets. For greater numbers please write to us for a postage price. 

For orders please deposit your donation into the following account:

Bank: Bank Australia

Account Name: Archeus Social Ltd.
BSB Number: 313 140
Account Number: 12109337
Reference your payment with:
Surname, Initial
e.g. Smith T

Please write to this email address to let us know how many booklets you have ordered:



  • Introduction

  • Our Current Status Quo

  • Key Concepts to Acquire

  • Reality and Imaginative Thinking

  • Steiner Schools and Imaginative Thinking

  • Imaginative Thinking and Social Threefolding

  • Steiner Education and Social Life

  • Basic Thoughts on Social Threefolding

  • Practical Aspects for Working with a Social Threefolding Structure at Schools

  • Historical Events Leading to the Birth of the First Waldorf School in September 1919

  • Titles of the Collected Workds (CW) Used in this Booklet


The content of this booklet consists of excerpts from the inspiring words of Rudolf Steiner. They all concern the urgent need for the transformation of our intellectual thinking, which is able to comprehend dead physical processes, into a kind of living thinking which will allow humans to comprehend and nurture the reality hidden in living processes of nature. Some excerpts refer to the need for a new kind of education that will understand and support this transformation. Others will engage the reader in the social changes that this transformation will be able to effect. All the excerpts are jewels waiting to spark a healthy meditative life in any reader, in particular those interested in discovering the roots of modern social issues. As the excerpts belong to the world of re-al experiences, they can’t be understood by any intellectual-logical cause and effect type of thinking. They must be studied and meditated till they become alive and grow of themselves in us.

     Apart from individual meditative work, this booklet will gain value from being worked through in groups — student, teacher or parent groups, the College of Teachers, community groups in general.



Steiner Education Centenary Revival

A booklet of specially selected excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's thoughts on education and the threefold social order. All proceeds are donations to the Education for Social Renewal Foundation. Click here to make an order. 

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