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To carry forward the striving of a school in terms of the threefold social impulse, a particular inspiration is necessary. One way that can be nurtured is through shared study. It is important to keep in mind that the social basis of the school is as important as the curriculum, festivals etc. 


We have prepared a resources section to assist with shared study (see Resources). The key to engaging with Steiner's social indications is the living thinking necessary to understand society as a living being - the social organism as a whole or the school organism.  

For this reason Archeus Social has developed an educational arm called Atelier for the Social Quest, an online course which is specifically aimed at cultivating a living form of social thinking through the study of living nature, using the methods of Goethean science (colours, plants, animals and the human form); click here. Understanding the archetypal principles of nature (polarity, intensification, metamorphosis etc) leads over to to understanding the archetypal, formative principles at work in the social organism. 



Steiner Education Centenary Revival

A booklet of specially selected excerpts from Rudolf Steiner's thoughts on education and the threefold social order. All proceeds are donations to the Education for Social Renewal Foundation. Click here to make an order. 

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