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It is usual in Steiner schools that the group of trustees or the school board is made up mostly of parents. Ex-parents no longer have the direct link with the life of the school. 

In the pioneer phase parents are often intimately involved in the day-to-day life of a school and help in many ways. As a school becomes more differentiated and complex, the school-parent relationship transforms. 

In relation to the threefold social picture the parent community can take part in many ways in the cultural-spiritual life of the school - in festivals for example. The parents can be educated about the meaning of this education as an expression of Steiner's social impulse, through adult education classes and on-going group study. 

Prospective parents need to be informed about the nature of both the curriculum and the social character of the school. Then they will know how the school weighs up the issues and deals with problems. The processes involved can be clearly delineated in terms of the ideals of the threefold social organism: freedom, equality and brotherhood. 

The school community. Coexistence.

The basis of Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner schools is formed by the school community and parents, teachers, pupils and staff getting along together as people. All their activities and work together are guided by humanity and human dignity. 

From: "Key Characteristics of Waldorf Education",  International Forum For Steiner/Waldorf Education (owners of the legal rights to the name "Steiner" and "Waldorf education"). Click here



Steiner Education Centenary Revival

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