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A guide for new and developed Rudolf Steiner schools in Australia

We have prepared this guide to support schools who are striving to carry and work with Steiner's picture of social renewal. Please note that these are only suggestions and are not intended to set down hard and fast rules or methods. 

The situation for Steiner schools in Australia is quite different from even ten years ago. Three factors stand out: 

  • greatly increased government demands regarding school registration and accreditation

  • greatly increased time constraints on teachers, especially regarding programming

  • the perception that a business model is the only way to make a school run efficiently and effectively in the modern world. 


In spite of these constraints, ways can to be found to develop the social impulse of Waldorf education in line with Steiner's indications. 


“. . . our intention [in establishing this school] is to take a first step along the path we would want the cultural life of the threefold social organism to take . . . It is easy to comprehend that such a first step cannot immediately be perfect".

Rudolf Steiner, in The Spirit of the Waldorf School., 1919. Lecture 1.  

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