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The mission of the Education for Social Renewal Foundation is to support the understanding and realisation of Rudolf Steiner's inspired social vision. In our troubled world today Steiner's insights into the "social question" and his indications towards social renewal have become ever more relevant and continue to present great challenges. In relation to the potentially ongoing virus 

pandemic social crisis, the work of the Foundation has particular significance.


The origin of Steiner schools was in Rudolf Steiner's thinking on the threefold social order. The unique social organisation and curriculum are the key characteristics of Steiner education.

Click here for a timeline showing the origin of Steiner schools in the threefold social impulse.

The Foundation has an educational arm which is the on-line course Atelier for the Social Quest. This course seeks to develop the living thinking needed to understand the living being of society. 

Steiner Education in Australia

In Australia there are now over forty institutions related to this educational method. A great deal of experience has been gained over decades and the Steiner curriculum has now been acknowledged by the federal government as unique and standing outside the mandatory curriculum framework for Australian  schools.  The opportunity  before  us  is  to demonstrate that the social aims and  organisation  of these schools are also unique. It is necessary to reach down to the roots of this education to discover why Steiner wanted the schools to be carriers of the threefold social impulse. This social mission belongs to the present and future of Steiner education in Australia. 


In relation to the tertiary level, the challenge is to create an institution or institutions based on the principles of Steiner education. Written into the constitution of Archeus Social Ltd., and one of the aims of the Education for Social Renewal Foundation, is to assist in this direction. 

This course uses a Goethean science to develop the living, imaginative thinking we need to understand Steiner's social vision. For more information and to enrol, click here. 

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